Marcelo Franco

State University of Santa Cruz (UESC)




Post-Doctor by the Department of Food Science, Federal University of Lavras. PhD in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Master in Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry) from the University of São Paulo. Bachelor of Chemistry from the State University of Maringá. Professor at the State University of Santa Cruz (UESC). Develops research related to the reuse of waste from the agribusiness. Using chemical, physical or microbiological methods, these residues are used in the production of enzymes, bioactive compounds, nanocellulose, xylitol, environmental bioremediation and anti-corrosion compounds. Solid state fermentation is the biotechnological method used. The enzymes produced are used in the extraction of essential oils, clarification of juices, production of aromas, production of lubricants, electrochemical sensors and in the production of cheeses. Coordinates the research group Biotransformation and Organic Biocatalysis.